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We have been professionally doing property surveys for many years. Our employees gained experience working on construction sites and in developer companies, which allowed us to learn the process of technical acceptance on both sides. We know what to expect and what to demand, to receive an apartment in perfect condition.


Our company is also engaged in complex design and interior finishing. Thanks to that apart from the technical aspect, we also look at the convenience of use of an apartment. Our advice can often save you the time and money you need for a later interior finish.




White Inspirations operate in Krakow and Wroclaw.


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Our company also provides services in the field of:

Planning and interior design

Complete interior finishing


We encourage you to ask for assistance from our designers and contractors

We have a team of professional bricklayers, painters, tilers, plumbers, electricians


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By signing the technical acceptance, the customer assumes the responsibility for maintaining the apartment and all costs associated with it. It is therefore important to write down all defects in the acceptance protocol. The developer is responsible for removing them, so we can avoid additional costs for finishing and subsequent use of the premises.


What is technical acceptance?

Buyer goes to the purchased apartment (house or flat) with the developer. A technical review is carried out. The developer's representative is obliged to record in the acceptance protocol any comments and defects reported by the client. From that moment, the investor has 14 days to respond to reported defects, and 30 days to remove them.


Most common procedures after acceptance:

  • Signing the protocol with a list of defects and receiving the keys. The customer assumes responsibility for maintaining the apartment. The developer maintains one of the temporary keys to remove the defects after considering the complaints.
  • Situation as in the point above, but all the keys are taken by the buyer, who commits himself to open the premises for the construction team.
  • Refusal to sign the acceptance protocol and reporting a defect. The developer removes defects and sets up another meeting with the client to hand over the premises without complaints.
  • Signing the technical acceptance protocol along with written comments. The buyer receives the keys and assumes responsibility to maintain the premises only after signing the notarial deed.



When making any decision we provide experience and professional advice.







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A few useful information


Process of acceptance of the apartment lasts from one hour to two hours depending on the size of the premises and the number of defects.


During the acceptance, the client should have with him the standard of finish and the plan of the apartment – these are attachments to the preliminary contract.


Deadline for acceptance of an apartment is usually proposed by the developer in writing or it may be imposed in the contract. Keep in mind that when a buyer is late or absent on the property survey for random reasons, the developer can not carry out the procedure of acceptance of the apartment himself. The developer may, however, withdraw from the agreement if the buyer avoids the acceptance.

If, despite the written notice of the date of acceptance of the apartment, the buyer will not participate in the procedure, it may be treated as "defaults in performance of an obligation under a reciprocal contract" (Article 491 of the Civil Code).

In this situation, the developer will have the right to withdraw from the contract. As a consequence, he may also demand reparation for unjustified delay of the purchase of an apartment which prevented the sale to someone else.


We assure you of

efficient and professional survey of the apartment.

All those who plan to take over an apartment, a place or a garage from a developer in the near future – We invite you to cooperate.


We have many years of experience in accepting and handing over the flats.

We know the finishing standards of developers and will gladly share this knowledge with you. We want to save your time and money for the additional costs associated with the possible repair of defects after handing over the premises. The price of the service depends on the location and area.

What do we do ?

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During technical acceptance of the apartment we check:

  • compliance with the design of the installation: electrical, plumbing, central heating and ventilation;
  • planes and angles of walls and floors;
  • wall verticality;
  • condition of plasters and screeds;
  • condition of the entrance door with the threshold;
  • condition of windows and frames;
  • condition of window sills;
  • condition of heaters;
  • the presence of current in the points of the electrical installation (if the electricity is supplied to the apartment);
  • air conditioning (if the electricity is supplied to the apartment);
  • airflow in ventilation;
  • quality of the balcony / terrace;
  • compliance with the rules of construction and the interior design.


We also conduct accurate measurement of a flat.

In the case of large differences with the measurements provided by the developer, you may want to consider using a trained surveyor to check the metering area.


In the finished flats we also check:

  • Compliance with the standard of finish
  • Quality of finish
  • Quality of used materials



If you have questions or doubts, we will provide you with experience and professional advice.



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ul. Mazowiecka 25 lok 213

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NIP: 764 -215-17-21

REGON: 122959930


Professional services !

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